Welcome Letter – 1-6-11


Welcome Letter – 1-6-11

Greeting BAC2ONE Team Members – past, present & hopefully future,

Six months and two and a half weeks from today, BAC2ONE 2011 begins. Yesterday, the leadership teammet and began the process of planning. Our first priority is to develop our theme for the week and we’reexcited to share with you the results of our meeting.


Every day, numerous times a day, everyone makes choices. What we choose affects not only us, butan infinite number of others. Recently, I learned about “The Butterfly Effect”, which is formally knownas “The law of sensitive dependence on initial conditions”. In easy to understand terms, an exampleof this law would be: when a butterfly flaps its wings it moves air molecules, which in turn move moremolecules, which all move more molecules, etc. etc. ; therefore, a butterfly flapping its wings in one partof the world can cause a hurricane in another. For people, this law also applies. One choice to act or notto act affects those around us, sometimes in ways we’re not aware of and for longer than we expect.
The ultimate choice we as humans need to make is to respond to Jesus knocking at the door of ourhearts (Rev.3:20). This choice guides us as we make daily decisions regarding our actions, words, non-actions, thoughts, attitudes, responses, etc. We desire that campers make the choice to open the doorto Christ and then daily choose to follow him.
The theme of choices relates very well to art. Adding a spice, shading, color, stitch, wood piece,character, or arm or hand motion can completely change your work of art. A single choice has thepotential to transform something good to great. Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well.
Although six months and two and a half weeks may seem like a long ways off, July 25 will be herebefore you know it! We urge you to prayerfully consider how you would like to be involved at BAC2ONE this summer. Then please let us know ASAP. We will be using an online registration form again whichmeans we need establish what classes we offer by May 1. The number of small group leaders we havedetermines how many campers can attend. Many other volunteers are also needed. We ask that youchoose to be involved as we urge campers to choose Christ for a lifetime.
Blessings to you all!
Julie De Haan for the BAC2ONE Leadership Team

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